Breaking payment barriers: Gr4vy and Fuse partner to deliver cutting-edge integrations for commercetools and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Our partnership enables merchants to deliver more personalised checkout experience without needing to code.

Gr4vy, the cloud-native payment orchestration platform, has partnered with Fuse to develop two new commerce integrations. With this development, merchants on commercetools and Salesforce Commerce Cloud can seamlessly adopt Gr4vy’s powerful technology that is modernising the future of payment infrastructure around the globe.

Gr4vy’s commercetools integration will empower more enterprise merchants in the composable commerce space to scale and diversify their payments portfolio and address their competitive markets with cutting-edge technology. 

Similarly, through the Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge, merchants will be able to create seamless ecommerce experiences that convert shoppers at the point of purchase. 

By adopting these integrations, merchants can build smarter, more personalised checkout experiences across a wide range of markets in an efficient and cost-effective way without needing to code. Both integrations will launch and be available to merchants starting May 2023.

The responsibility of managing and developing the two integrations from start to finish was entrusted to Fuse. Leveraging their in-depth understanding of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud and commercetools architecture, the team at Fuse collaborated closely with Gr4vy to identify opportunities for enhancing their solution on both platforms. 

 Drawing on Fuse’s knowledge of the merchant landscape and a thorough technical audit, the combined team devised and executed a comprehensive plan that has laid the groundwork for the successful release of both packaged integrations next month.

John Lunn, CEO and Founder, Gr4vy, said of the partnership:

“We are proud to have partnered with Fuse on this exciting development for Gr4vy. Fuse’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve with its deep understanding of the commerce landscape and integrations, coupled with its knowledge of the merchant mindset through Tryzens, makes it an invaluable partner for us. With Fuse by our side, we are proud to be able to help merchants on commercetools and Salesforce Commerce Cloud offer their customers an enhanced checkout experience at pace.”


Andy Burton, CEO, Fuse & Tryzens added:

“Merchants face a constant challenge to deliver seamless end-to-end online shopping
experiences for customers, and a checkout process that provides relevant and convenient
payment options plays a critical role in that journey. That’s why we are thrilled to have
partnered with Gr4vy to design and develop their commercetools and Salesforce Commerce
Cloud integrations, ensuring their technology is accessible to merchants across the world.


With Gr4vy’s innovative orchestration platform, brands can access 100+ payment methods
and craft the ultimate experience for their customers, with reduced complexity and risk. We
look forward to continuing this journey with Gr4vy, empowering merchants to thrive in the
competitive world of digital commerce.”

About Fuse

Fuse is the integration arm of Tryzens, a leading international digital commerce consultancy. Our global team of integration experts help technology companies reach more merchants through cloud-agnostic solutions. From strategy and development to launch and ongoing support, Fuse removes the barriers to levelling up and accelerating growth.

With Fuse’s depth of expertise, market knowledge and brand-side experience, businesses can integrate into the wider world of commerce. We work with technology vendors around the world and across verticals that include payment service providers, payment orchestration, buy now pay later (BNPL), martech and logistics.


About Gr4vy

Gr4vy is a cloud-based IaaS payments platform that simplifies building and managing payment ecosystems for merchants. Gr4vy’s no-code rules engine allows businesses to get access to 100+ unique payment methods and anti-fraud providers worldwide through a single low-code integration, enabling them to scale their payments ecosystem and expand into new markets quickly, with just a few clicks.

Merchants can personalise checkout experiences for every customer, create dynamic and smart rules for routing and retries, tokenize transactions, migrate data between providers and much more. Gr4vy is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, PSP-agnostic, and offers dedicated cloud instances for resilience, redundancy, and performance, eliminating the risk of a single point of failure. Visit Gr4vy’s site for further information.