Introducing Ignite for Payments: revolutionising ecommerce payment integrations

[London, 23/10/23] — Today, leading ecommerce integrator Fuse is proud to unveil its latest product: Ignite for Payments, an innovative solution that streamlines the creation of ecommerce payment integrations.

This solution empowers payments and fintech organisations to seamlessly integrate with the industry’s top ecommerce platforms, including Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento), BigCommerce, commercetools, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly Hybris), and Shopify.

Ignite for Payments is built on a foundation of seven core features, curated to encompass essential functionalities common to all payment integrations. This can be refined and enhanced over time, aligning investment with merchant demand. This agile approach liberates payments companies from the constraints of extensive initial development investments, ensuring a scalable and sustainable integration.

By delivering an innovative payment solution that encompasses essential features, we’re providing a platform for continuous improvement, empowering businesses to adapt and grow in response to evolving market demands under a scalable commercial model.”

Greg Straw, VP at Fuse

With Ignite for Payments, build time for a new integration is reduced by up to 50%, slashing both cost and time to market. This not only accelerates return on investment (ROI) but is also a strategic imperative in today’s fast-paced technology landscape. Integrations launched via the Ignite for Payments solution will reduce implementation time for new merchants by up to 80%.

Offering simple and cost-effective onboarding for new customers is essential for merchants, with integrations serving as a sales and marketing tool, driving increased pipeline and enhancing conversion rates.

The rapid integration and reduced implementation time empower businesses to focus on growing their operations, increasing sales, and enhancing customer experiences. That’s why Ignite for Payments isn’t just a product; it’s a catalyst for accelerated success, ensuring that you stay ahead in the dynamic digital marketplace.

Fuse is committed to remaining at the forefront of industry trends and technology advancements, helping deliver solutions to our growing partnership ecosystem, which includes leading payment solutions providers ACI, Digital River, Klarna, and Payoneer.

With Ignite for Payments, digital innovators can embrace the future of ecommerce payments with confidence. To learn more about Ignite for Payments and how it can transform your ecommerce integrations, head over and visit

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About Fuse 

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