Success Story

Fusing dotdigital with Salesforce Commerce Cloud



Significantly less effort required to implement dotdigital with cartridge, compared to a bespoke API implementation



Increase in sales conversion rate following the launch of cartridges



Uplift in Salesforce opportunities

Who are dotdigital?

With Marketing solutions across Email, SMS, Retargeting, Social and more, dotdigital help brands use their data to boost ROI and achieve more in less time.

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The challenge

dotdigital came to Fuse for advice as Salesforce Commerce Cloud was increasingly part of conversations with merchants. With a small, hardworking team, they needed help to assess the opportunity and build a business case.

Once the case was proven, dotdigital planned to leverage the expertise and bandwidth of Fuse to create an integration into Commerce Cloud. The goal was to reduce the cost and effort of implementation, enabling merchants to get to market quicker and create more opportunities for dotdigital.

    The approach

    Fuse’s multi-platform, digital commerce experience and flexible way of working suited dotdigital very well.

    A swift evaluation phase to scope the best solution was followed by rapid technical development that opened up a new routes to market for dotdigital. Fuse worked closely with the dotdigital product and partnership team members to ensure technical, sales and marketing needs were addressed. By leveraging Fuse’s expertise with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, dotdigital were able to move from concept to launch in record time, paving the way for significant opportunities and growth.

    What results did dotdigital see?

    • The Salesforce cartridges support dotdigital’s platform adoption, allowing the benefits of dotdigital to be available to more merchants worldwide
    • Cross-version compatibility built in. The integration suits both versions of Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SiteGenesis & SFRA)
    • Merchant effort is reduced by up to 80% when implementing via the new dotdigital cartridge, improving time to market fivefold
    • 25% increase in opportunities and a 75% better close rate on business following the launch of their integrations

    “Significantly more clients were signed after the integration launched (compared to the previous 12 months), with implementation effort materially reduced. So, the results? Quite simply, more sales opportunities.” Justin Tyler Broomes Head of Service Partnerships at dotdigital

    Why did dotdigital call on Fuse’s expertise?

    Expanding your market reach without increasing your headcount is the best of both worlds.

    “Resources are always smaller than the roadmap requires. My team were already very busy looking after CRM integrations but certain enterprise platforms were on our radar. We worried, however, that we would not have the bandwidth for development here.” – Tristan Glenat, Principal Product Manager at dotdigital.

    Working alongside Fuse engineers was particularly beneficial as they quickly spotted things that would have held up certification if dotdigital had tried to go through this process by themselves.

    Increased enquiries around Salesforce Commerce Cloud compatibility meant that each day without an effective Salesforce integration really mattered.

    “It’s a clear competitive advantage. An effective integration for our product can be make or break for us commercially in market. After all, clients would not willingly choose to pay additional fees to integrate our technology with their choice of eCommerce platform and now we have dramatically reduced that effort and timeline” – Justin Tyler Broomes, Head of Service Partnerships at dotdigital.


    “Without Tryzens Fuse I’m not sure we would have been able to achieve what we did in the time that we did, at the cost that we did it for”

    Justin Tyler Broomes

    Head of Service Partnerships , dotdigital